Maida London

Maida Specials
Maida Mix Grill£18.50Add +(2 pieces each). Our in-house speciality of a combination of tandoori lamb chops, seekh kebab, tandoori chicken and murgh malai tikka.
Chicken Starters
Murgh Tikka£7.50Add +Chicken tikka made from authentic Indian recipe, cooked in tandoor.
Murgh Malai Tikka£7.50Add +Succulent and creamy pieces of chicken marinated and infused with cheese, cashew nuts, fresh cream and spices.
Tandoori Murgh£7.80Add +Chicken marinated in classic Indian spices and cooked in traditional tandoor.
Lamb Starters
Lamb Seekh Kebab£5.90Add +The traditional seekh kebab, made using lamb mince, roasted whole spices and cooked on skewers in tandoor.
Lamb Bihari Kebab£9.50Add +The mouth melting delicacy of lamb kebab from the sub continent, new to the menu and highly recommended.
Tandoori Lamb Chops£9.50Add +Ineffably aromatic and tender lamb chops, marinated and cooked in tandoor.
Seafood Starters
Tandoori Jhinga£14.00Add +King prawns spiced with distinctive flavour of tandoori spices, marinated and finished in tandoor.
Vegetarian Starters (v)
Paneer Lal Mirch Tikka (v)£7.30Add +Tikka made in tandoor with cottage cheese, sandwiched with Kashmiri chilli sauce marination and served with roasted bell peppers.
Vegetable Sheekh Kebab (v)£6.00Add +Medley of vegetables coated with spices, pureed and made into kebabs and cooked in tandoor oven.
Onion Bhaji£3.90Add +Popular Indian dumplings made using spices, onion, gram flour and deep fried.
Punjabi Samosa£3.50Add +Samosa made using in house pastry filled with potato & peas spiced and filled.
French Fries (v)£3.30Add +Premium potato chips.
Kung Pao Fries£5.00Add +Premium quality potato chips tossed in our favourite kung pao sauce, for a tangy and spicy taste.
Chicken Kathi Wrap£7.80Add +Succulent pieces of chicken cooked on griddle with onion, tomatoes, vegetables, spices and served in a roll.
Paneer Kathi Wrap£7.80Add +Juliennes of Indian cottage cheese, cooked on griddle with onion, tomatoes, vegetables, spices and served in a roll.
Nizami Seekh Kebab Wrap£7.80Add +Lamb seekh kebab cooked in tandoor and packed with warm salad and green chutney served in a roll.
Salad (v)£3.50Add +Green salad made using lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber.
Poppadum£1.00Add +
Mango Chutney£1.00Add +
Chopped Onion£1.00Add +
Chicken Mains
Murgh Jalfrezi£9.90Add +Popular chicken curry with peppers and tomatoes.
Chicken Tikka Masala£9.90Add +Chicken cooked in clay oven, finished using rich onion and tomato sauce.
Butter Chicken£9.90Add +Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in tangy tomato sauce and butter.
Karahi Chicken£9.90Add +Chicken cooked in traditional spices finished in karahi.
Lamb Mains
Saag Gosht£11.00Add +Lamb and fresh spinach cooked in a delicate blend of spices to make a medium spiced curry.
Karahi Gosht£11.50Add +Lamb cooked in traditional spice and finished in karahi.
Special Lamb Nihari£12.00Add +A South-Asian stew consisting of slow cooking lamb garnished to taste.
Seafood Mains
King Prawn Bhuna£13.50Add +Medium dry curry made using authentic recipe.
Vegetarian Mains (v)
Paneer Tikka Masala (v)£9.50Add +Indian cottage cheese chunks, cooked in tandoor and then added to tangy tomato based makhni sauce.
Lahori Channa (v)£7.50Add +Chick peas cooked ‘Lahore food street sytle’.
Saag Aloo (v)£7.95Add +Potatoes and fresh spinach cooked in a delicate blend of spices, to make a medium spiced curry.
Tadka Daal (v)£5.80Add +Popular tuvar lentils cooked to authentic recipe and tempered with spices.
Daal Makhni (v)£8.95Add +A unique blend of chana daal, rajmah, black urad, roasted overnight and blended with tomatoes, butter and cream. Truly a connoisseur's choice.
Khouska£3.50Add +Steamed basmati rice.
Pilao Rice (v)£4.25Add +Plain or with Peas.
Gosht Masala Biryani£12.00Add +Boneless spring lamb, cooked in masala and basmati rice, the traditional way to create this popular Indian main course.
Lucknowi Murgh Biryani£10.75Add +An aromatic delicacy of basmati rice and chicken, truly Lucknowi style.
Subz Dum Biryani (v)£9.50Add +An aromatic delicacy of basmati rice and vegetables cooked in layers in a sealed pot, served with raita.
King Prawn Biryani£15.00Add +Authentic biryani made using juicy king prawns.
Naan£2.20Add +Tear shaped Indian bread made from flour and cooked in tandoor. Choice of plain, butter, garlic, cheese or Peshawri naan.
Roti£1.80Add +Whole wheat Indian bread cooked in tandoor.
Roomali Roti£3.25Add +Whole wheat Indian bread cooked in Tandoor. A thin ‘handkerchief ’ bread made on an upside down roomali wok.
Reshmi Paratha£3.95Add +Layered roomali roti pan fried on a tawa.
Indo Chinese Soups
Sweet Corn Soup£4.50Add +Oriental style soup with sweet corn and egg threading with choice of chicken or vegetables.
Hot & Sour Soup£4.50Add +Oriental style soup with a mixture of hot and sour taste with choice of chicken or vegetables.
Manchow Soup£4.50Add +Oriental style soup with hot spicy taste, served with fried noodle garnish with choice of chicken or vegetables.
Indo Chinese Starters
Thread Chicken£7.80Add +Deep fried goujons of chicken, coated with our special Maida thread coating, served with dipping sauce.
Lolly Pop Chicken£7.80Add +Chicken wings coated in ginger, garlic, chilli oil and seasoning, deep fried and served with Schezuan sauce.
Crispy Chicken Tai Pai£9.50Add +A dry sauce preparation of finger cut chicken coated in a Schezuan style sauce.
Veg Manchurian (v)£7.50Add +Vegetable fritters tossed in manchurian sauce. Served dry.
Veg Spring Rolls (v)£3.75Add +Oriental style crisp rolls, filled with vegetables and deep fried.
Indo Chinese Main Course
Chilli Paneer (v)£9.50Add +(PIease specify at time of ordering whether dry or with sauce). Indo-chinese style spicy soy sauce based dish, with fried Indian cottage cheese cubes and slices of green chillies.
Chilli Dish£9.80Add +(PIease specify at time of ordering whether dry or with sauce). Fusion of oriental and Indian style, using hot Chinese chilli and soy sauce.
Manchurian£7.75Add +An Indo-Chinese sauce of green chillies, ginger and garlic base.
Indo Chinese Noodles
Chowmein Noodles£9.80Add +(Please specify wet or dry at the time ordering) The Indo-Chinese version of this popular dish with your choice of stir filling.
Singapore Noodles£9.80Add +Indo-Chinese style fine noodles, prepared using madras curry powder turmeric and your choice of filling.
Hakka Noodles£9.80Add +Indo-Chinese style oriental noodles prepared in a work, using soy sauce and your choice of filling.
Indo Chinese Rice
Veg Fried Rice£7.50Add +Indo-Chinese style fried rice, with slices of mix vegetables, tossed in soy sauce.
Maida Mixed Fried Rice£8.80Add +A hearty combination of chicken, vegetables, lamb, prawns and egg, Indo-chinese style rice, tossed in soy sauce. Schezuan fried rice vegetables, Schezuan fried.
Schezuan Rice£8.80Add +Indo-Chinese style fried rice made using Schezuan sauce.
Egg Fried Rice£7.50Add +Indo-Chinese style fried rice, egg threading tossed in soy sauce.
Rockslide Brownie Cake£4.25Add +A rich, but surprisingly light textured brownie topped with butter-luscious caramel, piled high with brownie cubes, toasted pecans and drizzled with milk chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Fudge Cake£4.25Add +Classical chocolate fudge cake
Oreo® Cookie Bash®£4.75Add +An Oreo® cookie universe of white 'n milk chocolate cream, starry with Oreo® chunks and showered with dark chocolate drizzle.
New York Cheesecake£4.25Add +Cheesecake so creamy, so smooth, so satisfying it makes the Statue of Liberty smile.
Selection Of Real Dairy Ice-Cream£3.40Add +Any two scoops of your choice ( vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or malai )
Indian Desserts
Gulab Jamun£3.30Add +Sinfully sweet, succulent and soft dough balls, smothered in sugar syrup.
Warm Gajar Halwa with Ice-cream£3.75Add +Halwa made from grated carrots, khoya and clarified butter. Served warm
Falooda£4.25Add +Wonderous layers of rose flavoured milk, vermicilli and kulfi ice cream.
Kulfi£3.25Add +
Milkshake£4.50Add +Choice of flavours: Ferrero Rocher, Oreo cookie, vanilla, strawberry, kulfi and chocolate
Lassi£3.40Add +
Mango Juice£2.95Add +
Pineapple Juice£2.95Add +
Orange Juice£2.50Add +
Apple Juice£2.50Add +
Bottles£2.00Add +500ml
J20£2.25Add +
Highland Spring£3.50Add +1ltr
Perrier£2.25Add +